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Pleasant Grove Cottages
The owners are Joe and Sue Mattera. After raising our family and living in Sarasota, Florida for the last 15 years, we decided to move to the mountains for a cooler climate and  to live in a more natural environment. We scouted out  various locations for our vacation rental business and almost ended up in Costa Rica.  However, after spending multiple summers in the Blue Ridge mountains, always staying at various cabins and cottages, we decided that this was the place for us. Weaverville has been a hidden gem for us. We have everything here; a quaint downtown (reminiscent or bygone days), along with  the convenience  of  big box stores.   Being so close to Asheville enables us to have the best of both worlds; a country feel  that brings us back to nature, yet access to the funky city life  with  art and amazing restaurants.

Joe, with a degree in architecture, has been building homes for over 30 years. He designed these vacation cottages to be green built, non-toxic, energy efficient, and set into the natural environment to take advantage of the magnificent views and surroundings.
Sue, previously worked in the Occupational Therapy field  is now loving the vacation rental business, most of all because of the fantastic guests that we have from all over.

They have two grown children in college and a dog named Callie, who resides on the property.